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Unique ID Form PDF Download 2024 – BANBEIS Student UID Form PDF

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Want to get a Unique ID Card? Unique ID Form PDF Download 2024 – BANBEIS Student UID Form PDF is available at the official website of BANBEIS If you want to download the Student Unique ID Form to make your own unique ID then you can easily do it from this website below. We will tell you how to find your Unique ID card and what are the requirements. So let’s start: UID Student Card Registration Online 2024, Student Unique ID Card Online Registration Form 2024, IEIMS Unique ID Form PDF, BANBEIS Unique ID form download pdf.

Unique ID Form PDF Download 2024 – BANBEIS Student UID Form PDF

If you are a student of Class 6-12th then you need to register for the unique ID card submitting essential information. The Student Unique ID card is a lifetime document for the students of Class 6-12th which will be used as an identity proof in the future by all colleges and universities.

Student Unique identity can also be linked with their bank account, and PAN Card online registration form to take the benefits of various government schemes. The Student Unique ID Card for students is a lifetime document and will use as an identity proof in the future by all colleges and universities.

IEIMS Unique ID Card Requirements:

Students should bring the following documents to complete their information form: 

(1)- 2 copies of a freshly oiled passport size photo (white background, with both eyes visible).

(2)- A copy of your birth registration certificate. If you were born in one country and are now living in another, please include a photocopy or scan for each place that’s relevant to you. For example if I was originally from Canada but then moved here at age 5 because my parents got transferred by work. I would also need all those original Canadian records too since they’re still valid there when it comes up as part of this application process for me getting citizenship here later on down the road someday!

(3) A copy of the national identity card of the student’s mother, father, and, if necessary, the guardian
(4) Copy of birth registration of student’s mother, father. And guardian in case of application (if have any).
Project: Integrated Educational Information Management System (IEIMS).
Department: Bangladesh Bureau of Education Information and Statistics (BANBEIS)

IEIMS Unique ID Form Fill-Up Process and Necessary Documents

A student needs to give 15 types of information in a unique ID card. Name of the student, birth registration date, place and gender are all required pieces of identification at some point throughout their life. However when they’re born it’s only mandatory for them to have their name (in Bengali or English) on an official document.

Other times you may need your National Identity Card number but not always if there is another form that can serve as evidence too like a passport with citizenship listed instead which isn’t always necessary since Bangladeshi citizens cannot leave Bangladesh without permission from one government agency including customs officials who check documents along with passports before letting anyone out – this includes children under 18 years old!

Download Student BANBEIS/IEIMS Unique ID Form

Unique ID Form PDF Download 2022 - BANBEIS Student UID Form PDF




Essential Documents for Student Unique ID Form

Candidates need to have some necessary documents with a form for the student’s unique identity form. The documents are mentioned below: Please check it before submitting your info for the UID Card.

  1. Two passport-size color photographs (The background of the photographs must be white).
  2. Photocopy of the Birth Certificate of the candidate. (Birth Certificate registration Online)
  3. Photocopy of National ID card of Father and Mother. (NID Online Copy Download)
  4. Birth Certificate of Father and Mother (if available).
  5. Photocopy of the National Id card of the guardian if Father and Mother are dead.


If you face any problems with getting the Unique ID Form PDF Download 2024 – BANBEIS Student UID Form PDF then inform us by commenting below. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.