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Class 6 English Assignment Answer 2022 4th Week – ৬ষ্ঠ শ্রেণীর ইংলিশ অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট ২০২২

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Class 6 English Assignment Answer 2022 4th Week (৬ষ্ঠ শ্রেণীর ইংলিশ ৪র্থ সপ্তাহের অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর ২০২২). Assignments for Class 6 English subject is available at our website. Class 6 students eagerly need a solution for their English assignment. We have given you the correct answer about English Assignment 2022 task for Class 6 of the 4th Week. All you have to do is follow us to get the solution of all the Assignment together. You may find here other subjects assignment solution as well. You may search for Class Six 4th Week English Assignment Answer 2022, Class 6 4th Week English Assignment Answer 2022, Class Six 4th Week English Assignment Question 2022 PDF Download ETC on internet.

Class 6 English Assignment Answer 2022 4th Week

For most of the last academic year of 2022, you were all busy with homework of  assignments. Many of you will be happy to know that even in this new academic year 2022, your home assignment work will continue for a little longer. According to the continuity of the assignment task, the students of class 6 have to complete the task of class 6 assignment. In this article, you will be able to get Question and Sample answer of your English assignment for every weeks.

4th Week Class 6 English Assignment 2022

English is always a subject that is used worldwide and it is the first official language. If a student completes the English assignment, the student will gain a lot of knowledge about the subject and the language. Class 6 English assignments are very helpful for getting better at the next level of education. Since students are getting several assignments in different lessons each week, they will be able to overcome their fears in this regard.

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English Assignment Task of Class Six for 4th Week in 2022

English Assignment Answer of Class Six for 4th Week in 2022

Assignment Task of Class Six for 2nd Week in 2022

Class 6 English Assignment Answer 2022 2nd Week

Of the many important tasks in the Class 6 English assignment, one of the best benefits is that a student gains the knowledge and courage to write free handwriting. It helps students to do better next time. So when a student gets an assignment syllabus on this subject, he should start solving the assignment as soon as possible. It is also helpful for their brain because they get something to think about.

Class 6 English Assignment 4th Week Answer 2022 Download

Class 6 English assignment answers cover a variety of subjects. There are two easy ways to learn about the assignment syllabus. If you visit the official website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, you will see the syllabus of your English assignment. Also, you will find your assignment syllabus or topics on our website here. To get your Class 6 Assignment Syllabus, you need to click on the link here.

A Conversation with a doctor about sickness:

Myself: Good morning, Dr. Sharmin!
DR. Sharmin: Good morning! What’s wrong with you?

Myself: I am fine but my father has been suffering from fever since yesterday.
DR. Sharmin: What kind of symptoms does he have?

Myself: He has many types of symptoms like fever, headache, body pain and cough.
DR. Sharmin: Let me take patient temperature. At this time the fever is 102 degree Don’t worry, there is nothing serious. I am giving you the medicine, and your father will be alright in couple of days.

Myself: Thank you, doctor.
DR. Sharmin: But get your father blood tested for malaria, and come with the report tomorrow.

Myself: OK doctor.
DR. Sharmin: I shall recommend at least two days rest for your father.

Myself: Would you prepare a medical certificate father to submit it in his office?
DR. Sharmin: Oh sure. is your father medical certificate.

Myself: Thank you take this med much. Please tell me how shall my father amaul Has
Dr. Sharmin: This medicine is for one day only. Provide this dose as soon as reach your home and the second at 3 pm and the third at night before sleeping.

Myself: What should my father eat doctor?
DR. Sharmin: You father should eat only light food, can take milk and fresh fruit also.

Myself: How much shall I pay you doctor?
DR. Sharmin: You can pay consultation fee at the reception desk.

Myself: Thanks doctor.
DR. Sharmin: It’s all right.

Myself: Thank you doctor. I shall see you tomorrow with my father blood report. (উত্তর এই পর্যন্ত)

How to download Class 6 English Assignment?

Worried about downloading your Class 6 English assignment? Then we come up with the easiest guide so that you can download your assignment syllabus without any hassle. To download your assignment topic, you need to follow these steps:
  • First, you need to go to the official website to download your English assignment.
  • In the second step, you need to click on the assignment link on the topic you need.
  • You will then receive a PDF file to download.
  • After clicking on download option, you will get your assignment syllabus.
Other than that, if you click on our link here, you will be able to easily download your assignment. But you can also find the solution as well from our website. So to get further solution of any assignment task visit our website and share our content with others.