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Class 9 Assignment 2nd Week Answer 2021 of All Subjects

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Class 9 Assignment 2nd Week Answer 2021 of All Subjects will be available at our website. All 9th class students are enjoying their new academic year, including assignment tasks on a variety of subjects. Although assignment tasks were started last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is now comfortable with home assignment assignments. Those who are studying in 9th class this year are looking for 9th class English, Bangla, Match, BGS, Agriculture assignment 2021 in this article, you can all know everything about your 2nd Week and upcoming 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Weeks assignment answer.

Class 9 Assignment 2nd Week Answer 2021 of All Subjects

Every week government officials website upload 9th class assignments along with other classes on their official website. The syllabus of the assignment is very structured and the students can easily understand the subject of the assignment to finish their work without any problem. Bengali, Bengali Literature, Bengali Language Grammar, Mathematics, Higher Mathematics, Today’s English, English Grammar and Composition, ICT, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography and Environment.

Class 9 Assignment 2nd Week 2021

There are 30 subjects in the ninth grade, including all groups and compulsory. After submitting the current week’s homework, you will receive next week’s subjects.

The assignment topics also include these subjects of Agriculture Education, Home Science, Economy, Politics and Citizenship, Accounting, Finance and Banking, Business Enterprise, Islam and Moral Education, Hindu, Buddhism, Christianity, History and World Civilization of Bangladesh, Bangladesh and World Identity, Arts and Crafts, Physical Education and Health Sciences and Sports. The topics for the second week of Class 9 Assignment are given below.

English Assignment for 2nd Week

The question of ninth class English assignment will be announced soon. After the announcement we will add the homework topic as well as the solution so don’t panic about the answer of the upcoming second week class 9 English assignment. Click the link below to get the answer of the English.

Civics & Citizenship Assignment

The subject of recruitment of humanities students is citizenship and citizenship. They submitted their second class citizen recruitment answers to their course teachers in the second week of 2021. You will find the complete recruitment solution from our website.

পৌরনীতি ও নাগরিকতা বিষয়টি পাঠ-শেষে তােমার অর্জনসমূহের তালিকা সম্বন্বিত একটি পােস্টার তৈরি কর।

সংকেত(নিচের বিষয়বস্তু সম্পর্কে তুমি যা জেনেছ)

  • ১। নাগরিকতা;
  • ২। পরিবার;
  • ৩। সমাজ
  • ৪। রাষ্ট্র
  • ৫। আন্তর্জাতিক সংস্থা

Class 9 Assignment 2nd Week Answer 2021

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Class 9 Assignment 2nd Week Answer 2021

Finance Banking Assignment

In the 2nd assignment week, business students will write their finance banking assignment. After the competition the answer students submit it to the teacher of the respective course. We will upload the answers of class 9 finance assignment in time. So keep an eye on our website.

Biology Assignment

Group-based assignments will begin in the second week. Students will submit answers to the Biology Assignment in the second week. After announcing the question, we will start resolving the issue. Hopefully, our sample solution can help you gather more ideas about your assignment.

বাড়ির কাজঃ

নিচের সংকেতগুলো অনুসরণ করে Margulis এর শ্রেণিবিন্যাস অনুযায়ী জীব জগতের ৫টি রাজ্যের বৈশিষ্ট্য তুলনামূলক ছকে উপস্থাপন কর এবং নিচে উল্লেখিত তোমার পরিচিত জীবগুলোকে তাদের বৈশিষ্ট্য অনুযায়ী রাজ্যের অন্তর্ভুক্ত করে ছকটিতে দেখাও।


(ক) নিচের বৈশিষ্টেও আলোকে রাজ্য নির্বাচন কর;

১। কোষের প্রকৃতি ও সংখ্যা
২। নিউক্লিয়াসের গঠন
৩। সাইটোপ্লাজমীয় অঙ্গানুসমূহ
৪ । কোষ বিভাজন
৫। খাদ্যাভাস
৬। জনন পদ্ধতি
৭। ভ্রণ গঠন

Answer: উত্তরঃ Allresutbd

How to download 2nd Week Assignment Answer for Class 9?

As a 9th class student, you all know a lot about working on the internet. So it will be very easy for you to download your Class 9 English, BGS, Biology assignment Answer. We have provided more simple instructions for downloading your assignment syllabus. We hope that by following the steps you will be able to easily download your English Assignment Syllabus in a moment.
Below are the steps you need to follow:
  • First of all you have to visit the official website at
  • After visiting the site, you need to click on the 9th class English, Biology, Civics assignment link mentioned in the notice section.
  • Then, you will see a PDF file of your assignment that you need to download.
  • After that, you need to click on the download option.
  • Finally, your work is done and you will be able to download your Assignment Answer.


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