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Free Fire Pre-Register for Bangladeshi Server – How to Pre-Register

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Free Fire Pre-Register for Bangladeshi Server – How to Pre-Register for free fire dedicated Bangladeshi server. Click here to pre-register at Free Fire has become one of the leading mobile battle royale titles with a massive audience worldwide. The game currently offers numerous servers, but Garena is now increasing its number to further refine players’ overall experience by adding an exclusive server for Bangladesh on June 8th.

Free Fire Pre-Register for Bangladeshi Server – How to Pre-Register

It’s really important to understand that only users from Bangladesh can go ahead with the registration because we’ll be transferring data, which is irreversible. So if you’re a player and want to pre-register yourself for this game now, here are some steps:

Free Fire-এ বাংলাদেশের জন্য আসছে আলাদা সার্ভার! প্রস্তুত হও উন্নত এবং দেশীয় গেমিং অভিজ্ঞতা পেতে! 🇧🇩 #খেলোবাংলাদেশ.

🤳🏻প্রি-রেজিস্টার করো:

Step 1: Users must first open Garena Free Fire and visit the events section by clicking the “calendar” icon.

Free Fire Pre-Register for Bangladeshi Server

2: Step: Tap the “Go To” button under the “Bangladesh Server” segment.

Step 3: Tap on the “Pre-register” button to complete the registration successfully. Also, a pop-up will appear confirming the same.

Free Fire Server For Bangladesh | Pre-register at Pre-register for BD Server

“Players who mistakenly register for the wrong country’s servers will be sent an email with instructions regarding how they can change their region.” Check the comments of the official below:

“We would like to inform you that even if you have registered for the BD server by accident, your UIDs will not be transferred. It will continue to stay on the current server and will not be affected. However, we urge you not to register if you’re not from the BD region because the server transfer will be irreversible.”

You will get an exclusive BD t-shirt when you preregister! Who doesn’t want a free shirt?! In the meantime, there are other bonuses and rewards up for grabs once we hit certain numbers of registered players.

Post 3 million pre-registrations, players will receive a mask. And at the 8 million mark, a unique machete skin will be provided.

Free Fire Pre-Register for Bangladeshi Server

In addition to that, players can earn other rewards by inviting their friends. However, it is worth noting that an invite will only be considered when the friend logs into Free Fire a week after the server launch, i.e., between June 9 and June 15 (depending on your time zone).

Free Fire Pre-Register for Bangladeshi Server

Facebook, YouTube and TikTok are trying to lure in content creators from Bangladesh. They’ve started a Partner Program that has specific pre-requisites for application including the minimum number of followers and subscribers but just meeting them doesn’t guarantee an entry!


If you face any error to pre-register then kindly inform us via comment below. We will response to solve your problems as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting us.