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HSC Chemistry Question Solution 2024 1st Paper PDF

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HSC Chemistry Question Solution 2024 1st Paper PDF. Chemistry 1st & 2nd Paper Question and Answer PDF Download from our website. DSHE has announced today 5th September 2024 for the HSC Exam 2024 question for preparing HSC short syllabus 2024. So if you are looking to get HSC Chemistry 1st and 2nd Paper question routine, question and answer then follow our web page. You can also find it from the official website of DSHE at HSC Roshayon Question Answer 2024. এইচএসসি ২০২৪ রসায়ন উত্তর.

HSC Chemistry Question Answer 2024 – 1st & 2nd Paper PDF

Education minister Dr. Dipu moni has said that the HSC and equivalent examination can hold in December 2024. But the examination will be held only with group subjects. No common subjects exam will not happen this year. So only three subjects of each group Humanities, Business studies and science will take part. For preparing the short syllabus students need to complete 30 question for these subjects in 15th Weeks. So, if you are a student of science group you have to complete chemistry question. We will help you to complete your question correctly here. So to get all subjects question answer stay with us.

HSC 2024 Chemistry Question – PDF Download

You can get the PDF file for the question work of chemistry 1st and 2nd paper on our website below. You can also get the question as JPJ Photo file. Official website of the question is You can check it from this website too. For each subject you need to complete 5 question. So all question will provide through this post.

Chemistry Question for HSC Exam 2024

Chemistry HSC Question Answer 2024

এসাইনমেন্ট শিরোনামঃ দ্রবণের আয়নিক গুণফল এবং দ্রাব্যতা গুণফলের প্রয়োগ নিরুপন.

শিখনফল/বিষয়বস্তু : আয়নিক যৌগের দ্রাব্যতা দ্রাব্যতা ও দ্রাব্যতা গুণফল ব্যাখ্যা করতে পারবে।


  • ১। দ্রাব্যতার উপর বিভিন্ন নিয়ামকের প্রভাব ব্যাখ্যা করা ,
  • ২। বিভিন্ন স্বল্পদ্রাব্য লবণের জন্য দ্রাব্যতা গুণফলের সমীকরণ প্রণয়ন করা,
  • ৩। 25°C তাপমাত্রায় | পানিতে ApB লবণের সম্পৃক্ত দ্রবণে B- আয়ণের ঘণমাত্রা 6.4×10-M হলে ঐ লবণের দ্রাব্যতা গুণফল হিসাব করা,
  • ৪। 10 mL 0.30 M AB3 দ্রবণে 2 mL 0.25 M. I NH4OH দ্রবণ যােগ করা হল, 25°C তাপমাত্রায় A(OH)3 লবণের দ্রাব্যতা গুণফল 3.98×10-38 হলে মিশ্রনে অধঃক্ষেপ পড়ার সম্ভবনা যাচাই করা,

HSC Chemistry Question Solution 2022 1st Paper PDF

HSC Chemistry Question Solution 2022 1st Paper PDF

As an essential subject of science group you have to complete the Chemistry question according the notice of DSHE. To get better marks and feedback you should complete your own question with your own merit or skill. But we could help you also to make your question. As a result you can find HSC Chemistry 12th week question from our website after we make it properly.

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Conclusion Words

Chemistry subject has two paper for the HSC batch 2024. So you need to complete for both 1st & 2nd paper question for your HSC exam 2024 results. If you have any question about this question then you can comment below as we will answer of your question within very short time. Thanks