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If you want to go outside in this lockdown of June 2021 you have to get the police movement pass visiting this website Apply Online Police Movement Pass 2021. Police are taking initiative to introduce ‘Movement Pass’ to control the movement of people in coronavirus situation. With this pass, people who come out in case of emergency will be able to move freely. Those concerned need to apply online to get the service. Police Movement Pass Android App Download. New Police Movement Pass Apply 2021. Apply Online For Police Movement Pass 2021

In case of emergency, you have to take a separate movement pass using the special police app to get out of the house and back. This pass must be taken during the eight-day lockdown starting Wednesday. However, media workers do not need this pass. The identity card of their own organization will be considered as a movement pass, the police headquarters said.

How to Apply For Police Movement Pass 2021?

To apply online to get police movement pass you need to visit this link (

  • ( You have to enter this link to apply for movement pass.
  • Then, You have to enter the mobile number by clicking Movement Pass.
  • Then an OTP will go on the mobile phone.
  • Once you enter OTP, you can apply for a pass. Apply Online For Police Movement Pass 2021

স্বাগতম। জরুরী প্রয়োজনে আপনি এই টুলটির সাহায্যে পুলিশ এর সংশ্লিষ্ট বিভাগ থেকে লক ডাউন পরিস্থিতিতে বের হওয়ার অনুমতি নিতে পারবেন।

মুভমেন্ট পাসের আবেদন (Apply for Movement Pass)

Information required for Police movement pass Registration 2021

From which police station to which police station area to go, to which police station area to go, name of applicant, gender, age, reason of travel, date and time of use of pass, expiration date and time of pass, identity card , Pictures. National Identity Card, Driving License, Passport, Birth Registration or Student ID Card can be used as identity card.

You can apply to go out for grocery shopping, raw market, purchase of medicines, medical, job, agriculture, transportation of goods, supply of goods, distribution of relief, wholesale / retail purchase, tourism, funeral, business and other reasons.

Why Do you need a movement pass?

Currently, lockdown is prevailing in Bangladesh. According to the new restrictions, it is not possible to go from one place to another unnecessarily. No one can go out of the house except in case of emergency. If a person wants to travel from one place to another in case of emergency, he has to take a movement pass. If you want to get a movement pass, you have to apply on the website of Bangladesh Police. Once the application process is completed, the concerned authorities will check and sort it out. The pass will be issued to the applicant if the applicant side is suitable.

Police Movement Pass App Download

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Benazir Ahmed said at the launch of the app at the Rajarbagh Police Lines Auditorium in the capital around 11:30 am on Tuesday, “I don’t want to see anyone on the streets during the lockdown that started across the country on Wednesday.”

Asking everyone to cooperate in observing the lockdown, IGP Benazir Ahmed said, “We don’t want to see anyone on the streets and outside unnecessarily on Wednesday. We will do this on our own initiative rather than under pressure. If these are not accepted, the whole of Bangladesh will have to be taken in isolation. ‘