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Pre-Primary School Teacher Job Circular 2024

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Pre-Primary School Teacher Job Circular 2024 has been published recently at the official website of More than 25 Thousand 630 Teachers will appoint for Pre-Primary School Teacher Job Circular 2024 in this year 2024. সরকারি প্রাথমিক বিদ্যালয়ে শূন্যপদে ২৫৮ পদে জেলা প্রাক প্রাথমিকের নতুন নিয়োগ বিজ্ঞপ্তি প্রকাশ. The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has decided to appoint more than 25 thousand 630 new teachers. These teachers will appoint at the pre-primary level in the Government Primary School. The recruitment notice will release in November this year. From this appointment, the graduation or degree pass will be implemented for the educational qualification of the women. To get more update news visit here at

Pre-Primary School Teacher Job Circular 2024

It is learned that the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has decided to appoint pre-primary teachers in government primary schools across the country. In this step, 25 thousand 630 teachers will take. As a result, one teacher will be appointed in each school. From this recruitment program, it is compulsory for both men and women to graduate their educational qualifications or to pass a degree in hiring a teacher in a government primary school.

About Pre-Primary New Job Notice in September 2024

Additional secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education confirmed the matter. Badrul Hassan Babul told Jago News that after the recruitment of assistant teachers in the primary. More than 25 thousand 630 pre primary teachers and other 6 thousand 947 teachers primary will appoint in the pre-primary phase in November 2024. In mid-November it was decided to issue a notification for the appointment. To get every district pre-primary school teacher job circular stay with us.

Govt Primary Assistant Teacher Job Circular 2024

Post vacancy: 281

Application last date: 12-05-2024

Govt Primary Assistant Teacher Job Circular 2022


Job Summary At A Glance

Job Type: Government, Masjid and Temple wise
Qualification: Minimum Honours Passed
Application Starts: April, 2024
Deadline: 12th May 2024
Job location: Khagrachari of Bangladesh
Salary: 11,000-26,590

More About 25 Thousand new vacancy in Pre- Primary Govt School

ডিপিই সূত্রে জানা গেছে, এবারের বিজ্ঞপ্তির মাধ্যমে সারাদেশে ২৫ হাজার ৬৩০ জন প্রাক-প্রাথমিক শিক্ষক এবং ৬ হাজার ৯৪৭ শূন্যপদে সহকারী শিক্ষক নিয়োগ দেয়া হবে।

Application Form Download

আবেদন করবেন যেভাবে : বিজ্ঞপ্তিতে জানানো হয়, ৩১ মার্চ ২০২১ আবেদনের শেষ তারিখ। এর মধ্যে আবেদন ফরম পৌঁছাতে হবে। আবেদন ফরম এখানে দেওয়া হল।

How to Apply Online for Pre-Primary School Teacher Job Circular 2024

Candidates for this post have to apply via online process only. Instructions for filling up the online application form can be found by accessing the website The online application form has to fill as per the relevant instructions of the new recruitment notice of DPE.

Click Here To Apply Online

বয়সসীমা : প্রার্থীদের বয়স ২০ অক্টোবর ২০২০ তারিখে সর্বনিম্ন ২১ বছর এবং ২৫ মার্চ পর্যন্ত সর্বোচ্চ ৩০ বছর হতে হবে। মুক্তিযোদ্ধার সন্তান ও শারীরিক প্রতিবন্ধীদের ক্ষেত্রে এ বয়সসীমা হবে ৩২ বছর। বয়স নিরূপণে এফিডেভিট গ্রহণযোগ্য নয়।

গণমাধ্যমকে বিষয়টি নিশ্চিত করেছেন প্রাথমিক ও গণশিক্ষা মন্ত্রণালয়ের সচিব আকরাম আল হোসেন।
প্রাথমিক শিক্ষা অধিপ্তরের নিয়োগ শাখার সহকারী পরিচালক আতিক বিন সাত্তার বলেন, নতুন করে ৩২ হাজার ৫৭৭ জন শিক্ষক নিয়োগ দেয়া হবে। তার মধ্যে পিইডিপি’র আওতায় প্রাক-প্রাথমিকে ২৫ হাজার ৬৩০ জন এবং বিভিন্ন সরকারি প্রাথমিকে সহকারী শিক্ষক শূন্য পদে রাজস্ব খাতে ৬ হাজার ৯৪৭ জন নিয়োগ দিতে বিজ্ঞপ্তি প্রকাশ করা হল।

How to Apply For Pre Primary School Teacher Job Circular 2024

After publishing the new job recruitment on 28th February 2024 everyone can apply for the new job opportunity who are truly eligible for the post. If you have the qualification to apply for this vacancy then you have to apply through online procedure. The application online link is Application fee is only 170 BDT for any valid applicants.

Selection Procedure:

Earlier for the post of Assistant Teacher, written test was taken in the MCQ system of 60 marks and oral test in 20 marks. There were questions about Bengali, mathematics, English and general knowledge. However, the issue of how many marks will be tested in this recruitment has not been finalized yet. The dates of these examinations will be announced later on the website of the department and in various newspapers, sources of the department confirmed it.

Pre-Primary Job Exam Result 2024

The job exam results and the admit card will be found on the official website of Directorate of primary education at But you can also find both admit card, job exam notice and job exam results of the Pre-primary job opportunity.

Primary School Job Circular 2024

The additional secretary said that it has decided to appoint pre-primary teachers at 65,000 public elementary schools in the country. In the first step, more than 40,000 will appoint at that level. Proposals for creation of posts from the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education have forwarded from the Public Administration Ministry to the Secretary Committee. From there it will send to the cabinet meeting after approval. Approval activities will end in October. The recruitment notice will publish in September 2024. Periodically, the posts of pre-primary teachers will create in all primary schools of the country.