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Cadet College Admission Admit Card Download 2024

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Cadet College Admission Admit Card Download 2024 link is The admit card of Cadet College Admission test will be available starting from December 15, 2023, at 2:30 pm. So here is the official website for downloading the original admit card of Cadet College admission test of Class 7. Throughout this article we will let you know how you can easily download your Cadet College Admit card through online internet. So, to download your admit card just follow this post attentively. Cadet college admission admit card 2024 pdf download, Cadet college admission admit card 2024 login, Cadet college admission admit card 2024 download, Cadet college admission admit card 2024 date, cadet college admission syllabus 2024.

Cadet College Admission Admit Card Download 2024

Embarking on the journey to become a cadet is a commendable pursuit, marked by discipline, academic excellence, and a commitment to serve the nation. As the Cadet College Admission process unfolds, one pivotal document stands as a gateway to the examination halls—the Admit Card. This article aims to guide aspiring cadets through the process of downloading their admit cards, an essential step in realizing their dreams of joining prestigious military academies.

Cadet College Admit Card 2024

The Cadet College Admission Admit Card is more than just a piece of paper; it is a symbol of progress and a testament to the dedication of aspiring cadets. This document serves as the key to unlocking the doors to the examination venue and plays a vital role in the overall admission process.

How to Download Cadet College Admission Admit Card 2024

After completing the application form fee, print this entry in the ‘Print Admit Card’ Button. You have to click on. Receive the applicant’s application ID number and password (at the end of the first step) in the assigned home page. Direct entry can printed / downloaded. Also between 1st and 2nd week of January 2024. If you need to print / download the re-entry for any reason, just click the ‘Print Admit Card’ button.

Before diving into the process of downloading the admit card, candidates should familiarize themselves with the crucial information it contains. Typically, the admit card includes details such as the candidate’s name, photograph, roll number, examination center, and important instructions. Ensuring the accuracy of this information is paramount.

  • The admit card will be available starting from December 15, 2023, at 2:30 pm

Cadet College Admission Admit Card Download 2024

Here is the process to Download the Admit Card:

  1. Visit the Official Website:
  2.  Start by visiting the official website designated for Cadet College Admission.
  3. Login Credentials: Log in using the credentials provided during the application process. This may include a username and password.
  4. Navigate to the Admit Card Section: Once logged in, navigate to the section specifically dedicated to admit card downloads. This may be prominently displayed on the website or found within the candidate’s profile.
  5. Download the Admit Card: Follow the on-screen instructions to download the admit card. Some websites may require candidates to click on a specific link or button to initiate the download process.
  6. Verify Information: After downloading, carefully review all the details on the admit card. Ensure that the candidate’s name, photograph, and other information are correct. Report any discrepancies to the relevant authorities promptly.
  7. Print and Preserve: Print multiple copies of the admit card. It is advisable to keep both digital and hard copies in a secure and easily accessible location. The admit card must be presented on the day of the examination.

Preventing Common Issues:

  1. To facilitate a smooth admit card download process, candidates should:
  2. Ensure a stable internet connection.
  3. Use compatible browsers for website access.
  4. Keep login credentials secure and easily accessible.
  5. Reach out to official helplines or support in case of any technical issues.

Cadet College Admission Circular 2024

The following steps can follow to apply online via Internet. Candidates can apply directly and fill up the application form through the official website. The official circular of Cadet College Admission 2024 has been given below.
Application Starts on: 1st November 2023
Application Ends on: 13th December 2023
Written Test Date: 23rd December 2024, Morning 9am-12pm
Marks Distribution: 300 Marks


Cadet Colleges List of Bangladesh

Nowadays, in our country there are 12 cadet colleges available with 9 boys and 3 girls colleges. All cadet colleges are requesting to apply online from eligible candidates for admission in class Seven (7). If you want your child to be admitted to the best school in Bangladesh, then cadet college may be your first choice. All Cadet Colleges list have given below. Let’s have a look.

  1. Jhenaidah Cadet College
  2. Cumilla Cadet College
  3. Joypurhat Girls’ Cadet College
  4. Faujdarhat Cadet College
  5. Mirzapur Cadet College
  6. Rajshahi Cadet College
  7. Sylhet Cadet College
  8. Rangpur Cadet College
  9. Barishal Cadet College
  10. Pabna Cadet College
  11. Mymensingh Girls’ Cadet College
  12. Feni Girls’ Cadet College

Mark Distribution

  • Total of 300 Marks.
  • English 100 Marks
  • Mathematics 100 Marks
  • Bangla 60 Marks
  • Science, BGS, ICT and General Knowledge 40 Marks

Cadet College Admission Test Syllabus 2024

We have informed you below the most important syllabus for the admission test of cadet college 2024. If you follow the syllabus given below you may able to get a chance to be admitted in cadet college.


Grammar Section

  • Sentence
  • Parts of Speech
  • Gender
  • Number
  • Punctuation and Use of Capital Letters
  • Tense
  • Subject and Predicate
  • Agreement of Subject and Verb
  • Transformation of Sentences
  • Correct Form Of Verbs
  • Contractions
  • Re-arrange Jumbled Words To Make Sentences
  • Spelling
  • Phrases and Idioms

Writing Section

  • Paragraph Writing
  • Story Writing From Given Outline
  • Comprehension
  • Argumentative Essay


  • Natural Number and Fractions
  • Ratios and Percentages
  • Integers
  • Algebraic Expressions
  • Simple Equations
  • Basic Concepts of Geometry
  • Practical Geometry
  • Information & Data
  • IQ Related Mathematics



  • করক
  • বাগধারা
  • এক কথায় প্রকাশ
  • বিরাম চিহ্ন
  • ভাষা ও বাংলা ভাষা, ধ্বনিতত্ব, রুপতত্ত, বাক্যতত্ত, বাগর্থ।
  • শব্দ ও পদ পরিচয়: শব্দ, পদ, পদের শ্রেণিবিভাগ, পদ পরিবর্তন, বিপরীত শব্দ, দ্বিরুক্ত শব্দ ও সংখ্যাবাচক শব্দ।
  • লিঙ্গ
  • বচন
  • ক্রিয়ার কাল: শ্রেণিবিভাগ ও প্রয়োগ


  • ভাব-সম্প্রসারণ
  • অনুচ্ছেদ লিখন/ যুক্তিভিত্তিক অনুচ্ছেদ (১০-১৫ বাক্য)
  • অনুধাবন
  • সারাংশ ও সারমর্ম

Science, Bangladesh, and Global Studies, Information and Communication Technology and General Knowledge

  • History of Bangladesh Liberation War.
  • International News.
  • Geographical Features of Bangladesh and the world.
  • Bangladesh Armed Forces.
  • Current Affairs of Bangladesh and the World.
  • Cadet Colleges of Bangladesh.
  • Games and Sports.
  • General Science.
  • Environment and Practical Science.
  • Information and Communication Technology.


Obtaining the Cadet College Admission Admit Card marks a significant milestone in the journey toward a promising future in the armed forces. By following the outlined steps and remaining vigilant about key information, aspiring cadets can navigate this process with confidence, setting the stage for success in the upcoming examinations. Remember, each successful download is a step closer to realizing the dream of becoming a dedicated and disciplined cadet.