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Gold Price In Bangladesh Today 2024 – 1 Vori 22K, 21K, 18K Sonar Dam

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Gold Price In Bangladesh Today 2024 – 1 Vori 22K, 21K, 18K Sonar Dam 2024 (BD 22K সোনার মূল্য). If you want to know the latest Gold Price In Bangladesh Today Per Vori/Bhori 2024, You can know the official market price for 18K, 21K, 22K & 24K Gold as per Vori and per Gram. If you want to buy ornaments of gold then you are looking forward to know the latest price of gold. So, in this article, you can easily know the latest gold price in Bangladesh. You may search with the keywords to know the gold price: 22 Carat Gold Price in BD Today 2024, 21 Carat Gold Price in Bangladesh today 2024, 22k Gold Rate in Bangladesh today, Gold Price in Bangladesh 21 carat, Gold Price in Bangladesh 22 carat, Gold Price in Bangladesh 22k today, Gold Price in Bangladesh live, আজকের প্রতি ভরি/গ্রাম সোনার দাম ২২ ক্যারেট, ২১ ক্যারেট প্রতি ভরি/গ্রাম সোনার বর্তমান দাম ২০২৪. 1 Vori = Gram? Ans: 1 Vori = 11.664 Gram.

Gold is not a common element, but it isn’t easy to find either. It’s very tough to obtain gold in large amounts with pre-industrial technology, anyone who understands metals knows it well. Gold’s primary characteristics of corrosion resistance and ease of workability make it highly attractive for various applications, including decoration and other industrial uses.

It would certainly been gold without the currency if there could be some indicator for measuring the world’s wealth. Gold is undeniably a valuable metal over which wars have erupted. This natural resource has always attracted people’s interest and has continued to maintain its significance over time.

Gold Price In Bangladesh Today 2024 – 1 Vori 22K, 21K, 18K Sonar Dam 2024 (BD 22K সোনার দাম)

If you have come to know the latest rate of gold in Bangladesh. Then you need to read our article carefully. We will share here the latest gold price for all the different elements of gold in Bangladesh. 21K, 22K, 18K, and 24K gold are available in Our country but 24-carat gold is too rare. So most popular and demandable element of the gold is 22K carat gold. Recently BAJUS has announced the latest official price for gold. So let’s have a look below:

1749 BDT to Increase the price of gold:

The Bangladesh Jewelers’ Association has decided to reduce the price of gold in the domestic market by a maximum of Tk 1749 per vori due to a slight decline in the price of gold in the international market. It will cost 1,09,163 BDT to make a heavy gold ornament of 22K. The new gold price will be effective across the country from Wednesday. The Bangladesh Jewelers Association on Tuesday night announced the decision to reduce the price of gold.

(Source: Prothom Alo).

Gold Prices to Hit a High Record

Gold is considered a foreign currency in the global economy. Various nations reserve gold in their central banks for business. The US dollar value is falling from time to time. Therefore, many nations are reserving different types of gold as an alternative. Gold’s rising rates have been widely documented in recent years. But the question arises. Why do gold prices vary so frequently? Well, generally, the currency for gold depends on the US dollar rate. At times, it goes down in sales because of the continuous rises in gold prices. Several market research has said that there has been a fall in the gold businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. However, gold prices are still high across the world.

1 Vori Gold Vori Price in Bangladesh Today, 31st May 2024

According to research, the current gold price in the global market has gone down to USD 500 per ounce. It was around USD 250 per ounce last week, particularly. While demand for precious metals remains low, the growth in the world market of gold prices has driven local prices down. Due to the reduction in price, it will cost Tk 1,09,163 to buy a 22-carat gold ornament from Wednesday. Apart from this, 21 carat 1,04,195 Tk, 18 carat 89,311 Tk, and traditional gold ornaments will be sold at 74,276 Tk.

BAJUS’ Gold Price Today

The Bangladesh Jewellery Samity (BAJUS) has the authority to ordain the gold rate in our country. Gold rate Per Oz in the country is held in line with an international markets share to restrict gold trading dealer opportunities out of Bangladesh, said Dilip Kumar Agarwala, BAJUS General Secretary. Let’s check it out today’s Gold Price of BAJUS’:

Click Here to See BAJUS Gold Price in Bangladesh Today 2024 Live

22k, 21k, 18k Gold & Silver Price in Bangladesh Today, 31st May 2024

Serial: Types of Gold Rate

Bangladeshi jewelers have cut gold rates after driving the precious yellow metal to all-time highs. The BAJUS has increased the gold price once again per Vori 1283 BDT. However, the price depends on the type of gold. However, in general, Every Vori/ভরি of 22-carat gold will cost around Tk 1,09,163. 21k 1 vori (bhori) gold price in Bangladesh is 1,04,195 taka while that of traditional price of 18K carat is 89,311 Tk only and traditional gold ornaments will be sold at 74,276 Taka. You may check below the official price of BAJUS today:

BAJUS Gold Price in Bangladesh Today 2024


(Updates on 31st May 2024, Via Prothom Alo)

Types of Gold: Price Per Vori in BDT:
22K (CARAT) GOLD Price Per Vori: Tk 1,09,163
21K (CARAT) GOLD Price Per Vori: Tk 1,04,195
18K (CARAT) GOLD Price Per Vori: Tk 89,311
Traditional GOLD Price Per Vori: Tk 74,276

Today Gold Price In Bangladesh Per Vori 2024

This decision to raise the price of gold represents the highest gold prices in the country’s history. However, it was due to the uprising dollar’s value against the taka in local bullion markets.

What is the Current Gold Price In Bangladesh Today?

Each Bhori/Vori of 22-carat gold will now cost Tk 1,09,163 BDT, according to the new decision. 21-carat gold is Tk 1,04,195, 18-carat gold is around Tk 89,311.
Besides, the traditional method of gold acquisition would cost Tk 74,276.
Silver Price in BD: On the other hand, the price of 21-carat silver remained stable. Its domestic price is around at Tk 933 per Vori.

10 Tola Gold Price in Bangladesh 2024

Many people are searching for the price of 10 tola gold price in BD, 1 Tola Gold Price in Bangladesh. So we are going to publish below the gold price by Tola/তোলা.

  • 10 Tola Gold Price in Bangladesh Today: 8,72,470 Taka (22k Gold).
  • 7.5 Tola/Vori Gold Price in BD: 6,54,352 Taka (22k Gold).

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

⦁ What is the maximum amount of gold I can transport to Bangladesh?

Each passenger shall also be entitled to the duty-free import of ornaments of gold no more than 100 grams or silver of not more than 200 grams (one type of ornament, not more than 12 pieces).

  • ⦁ What is the most affordable country to buy gold in?
  • “The cheapest country in the world to buy gold” is Hong Kong.
  • ⦁ Is it legal for me to hold gold on an international flight?
  • Yes, however, the customary restrictions on gold carriage vary between countries.
  • ⦁ How much gold can you bring into the US?
  • Gold does not have a customs tax. But if gold is over $10,000, you are required to announce that you hold gold in the U.S. The gold is approximately 200 grams.
  • ⦁ Why is gold so expensive?
  • Gold is relatively costly to manufacture, unlike many other metals, which means that the base price is fairly high. Although gold is very plentiful, it is costly because of its high popularity.
  • ⦁ Is gold toxic to the human body?
  • Gold is not harmful in its metallic shape, and so we can eat gold flake ice cream.
  • However, some natural gold compounds can decompose in the body through the release of gold ions. Copper is the same, but there is another way for bacteria to get rid of additional copper.

How Many Grams in One Vori? 1 Vori = Gram?

Answer: The Vori or Tola is still used as a measure of gold in popularly in south Asia including Bangladesh. However, 1 Vori (Tola) is equal to 11.664 grams.

Gold Weight Calculation To Vori, Aana, Ratti

We have explained the price of gold by Gram. So if you want to know the gold price in Bangladesh by Raati, Anna, or Vori, then just calculate the price from gram. 1 Gram = 0.085763293310463 Vori, 1.37 Aana and 5.49 Ratti. So, after calculation, 1 Vori = 11.66 Gram, 16 Aana, 64.07 Ratti.

The Bottom Line

To this day, gold is considered a solid value repository. But in the event of a need, governments and governors have a strong grip on their fiscal policy and cannot control its supply. Once your coinage is connected to silver and gold, your economy will be at the mercy of how much it is in your region.
Gold Price In Bangladesh Today Per Vori 2021

This was not much of a problem in ancient golden times; the economies were tiny, local, and moving quite slowly had low production and low technical potential. Gold’s durability, shortage, compact consistency – the fact that, despite its small availability, it was checked and secured to use as an ideal tender. There was no technical basis for creating artificial money with these characteristics, so instead, we used natural materials.