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Ramadan Calendar 2024 PDF Download – Sehri & Iftar Time in Bangladesh

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Ramadan Calendar 2024 PDF Download – Sehri & Iftar Time in Bangladesh. Ramadan is regarded as a favorable month for Muslims. According to the Islamic tradition, Muslims tend to observe fasting during the entire month. It is a sign of commemorating Allah and the prophet Muhammad (SW)’s guidance. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ ala revealed the Holy Islamic Book referred to as the Quran on the night of power (Laylat ul Qadar). Today Iftar Time 2024, Ramadan 2024 bangladesh calendar pdf. Ramadan Starts in Bangladesh on 12th March 2024 and ends on 10th April 2024.

It is believed that the prophet Muhammad (SW) received the Quran during the last 10 nights of the month, especially on the 27th night. You will find here these keywords Ans: Sahr-O-Iftar Timings 2024 of Bangladesh, Sehri and Iftar Timetable 2024 Bangladesh, Ramadan 1445 Hijri Calendar PDF Download, BD Sehri & Iftar Timetable 2024. Ramadan Calendar Download 2024. রমজানের সেহরী, ইফতার ও নামাজের সময়সূচি ২০২৪, রমজান সময়সূচী ডাউনলোড ২০২৪.

Ramadan Calendar 2024 – Sehri & Iftar Time in Bangladesh | PDF Download

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ ala declared this time as a holy month of blessing for those who have faithful intentions and a true heart for prayer. He forgives his people who are true to their words and observes the holy month of fasting with a pure heart. Furthermore, Muslims perform community prayers in the mosque, read the Holy Quran, and consider Ramadan days as introspection. Hizri 1445 Ramadan Calendar Free Download 2024.

Starting Time of Ramadan | When to Start 1st Day of Ramadan?

The starting time of Ramadan usually depends on the crescent moon’s appearance. Every year at the end of the Islamic month Sha’ban, people wait for the sighting of moon to ensure the starting date of Ramadan. The Islamic calendar ninth month is Ramadan month which’s beginning depends on the moon sighting. The Gregorian calendar year is longer than the Islamic calendar. It is because the Hijri calendar follows the lunar calendar. Therefore, Ramadan starts every year 10–12 days earlier and is subject to a 33-year period every season. You may find here Mahe Ramadan Calendar for Asia, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia 2024.

1st Roza of Mahe Ramadan:12th March 2024
Last Roza of Mahe Ramadan10th April 2024
Eid-Ul-Fitr Day:11th April 2024
Ramadan Starts in Bangladesh:12th March 2024

This year the expected starting date of Ramadan is the 12th March 2024 and may end on the 12th of April 2024. The blessed month of Ramadan ends with a festive day called Eid al-Fitr. We hope to celebrate the Eid-ul-Fitr by the 12th of April 2024, depending on the moon sighting.

Ramadan 2024 Bangladesh Calendar PDF

Sawm Si’am is the Arabic name of Ramadan that is considered to be one of the five important pillars of Islam. This is a month for acts where people tend to feel the hunger of the poor by observing Sawm. It makes people realize the unprivileged pain and do something for them. This auspicious month is regarded as a time for reflection of love, contemplation, and rejoice. So, if you want to observe the Holy Ramadan then you need to download the Ramadan 2024 Bangladesh calendar pdf. We have given below the Ramadan Calendar pdf file for your convenience.

Islamic Foundation Sehri and Iftar Timetable 2024

We have tried to provide the key dates of Ramadan that might help you in preparing for this blessed month. You can now be aware of the starting time of Ramadan in Bangladesh with the help of our provided information. The Ramadan Calendar of Bangladesh has already been published by the Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh. You can download the PDF calendar on our below site if you are looking forward to.

Dhaka Ramadan Calendar 2024 as Table

Ramadan Time-Table 2024, Hijri 1445 For Dhaka District (GMT+6)

1st 10 Days of Mahe Ramadan 2024




Sehri (am)

Iftar (pm)

 1 12 March Tuesday 04:50 06:09
 2 13 Wednesday 04:49 06:10
 3 14 Thursday 04:48 06:10
 4 15 Friday 04:47 06:10
 5 16 Saturday 04:46 06:11
 6 17 Sunday 04:45 06:11
 7 18 Monday 04:44 06:12
 8 19 Tuesday 04:43 06:12
 9 20 Wednesday 04:42 06:12
 10 21 Thursday 04:41 06:13

2nd 10 Days of Mahe Ramadan

 11 22 Friday 04:40 06:13
 12 23  Saturday 04:39 06:14
 13 24 Sunday 04:38 06:14
 14 25 Monday 04:37 06:14
 15 26 Tuesday 04:36 06:15
 16 27 Wednesday 04:35 06:15
 17 28 Tuesday 04:34 06:16
 18 29 Friday 04:32 06:16
 19 30 Saturday 04:31 06:17
 20 31 Sunday 04:30 06:17

3rd 10 Days of Mahe Ramadan

 21 01 April Monday 04:29 06:18
 22 02 Tuesday 04:28 06:18
 23 03 Wednesday 04:27 06:19
 24 04 Thursday 04:26 06:19
 25 05 Friday 04:25 06:20
 26 06 Saturday 04:24 06:20
 27 07 Sunday 04:23 06:21
 28 08 Monday 04:22 06:21
 29 09 Tuesday 04:21 06:22
 30 10 Wednesday 04:20 06:22

(Source: Islamic Foundation Bangladesh)

How to Download The PDF Ramadan Calendar 2024?

We have shared a PDF file for your convenience. By following the simple steps below, you can download the PDF file:

  • You might see a document link attached to the calendar table.
  • Click the document with the mouse right point.
  • Choose the option ‘Save link as” or select ‘Save as
  • Now look for the document in your hard-drive or phone’s storage.
  • You will find it in the ‘download’ option.
  • Next, you can open Foxit reader, Adobe reader, or any other PDF file reader to open the document anytime.
  • You can get access to our Ramadan Calendar file anytime by saving it on your phone or PC’s storage.

Ramadan Calendar by Islamic Foundation Bangladesh

Islmaic foundation of Bangladesh publishes every year the official timetable of Ramadan’s Roja (Siam) Sehri and Iftar timing. In 2024, the foundation also will announce the Mahe Ramjan Calendar depending appearance of the moon. You will find here the Islamic Foundation Ramadan Calendar and Sehri & Iftar timetable of the Hizri 1445. This is the official website of Islamic Foundation

All District Mahe Ramadan Calendar Download 2024

Dhaka, Holy Ramadan Calendar Download

Chattagram District Ramadan Calendar

Comilla District Ramadan Calendar 2024

Cox’s Bazar Ramadan Calendar Download 2024

Rangamati Ramadan Calendar Download

Mymensingh Ramadan Calendar Download

Khulna District Ramadan Calendar Download

Rajshahi District Ramadan Calendar Download 2024

Rangpur District Ramadan Calendar Download 2024

Sylhet District Ramadan Calendar Download 2024

Barishal District Ramadan Calendar Download 2024

Jashore District Ramadan Calendar 2024

Magura District Ramadan Calendar 2024

Shab-e-Barat 2024 in Bangladesh

Saturday (March 19) is the 30th day of the month of Rajab. The counting of Shaban month will start from tomorrow Friday (March 18). As such, the holy Shab-e barat will be celebrated on Friday night, March 18. In other words, the moon of the holy month of Shaban was not seen anywhere in the sky of the country on Sunday evening. At the end of the month of Shaban, the month of Ramadan begins with the joyous message of Eid-ul-Fitr, the biggest religious festival of the Muslims.

When to celebrate Holy Shab-e-Barat 2024 in Bangladesh/Shab-e-Barat 2024 Kobe? Ans: On 25th February 2024 Sunday. Check the official announcement of Islamic Foundation according the Shab-e Barat 2024:

Final Words

If you are a true Muslim you need to keep fasting in the holy Ramadan. It’s compulsory for every Muslim men and women who are aged enough to keep fasting. So if you have any issue to know regarding the Ramadan and it’s Sehri and Iftar then kindly let us know via comment below.

FAQs Of Mahe Ramadan 2024

Question: When to Start Ramadan 2024 in Bangladesh?

Ans: This year Ramadan 1st Roja will start on 12th March 2024.

Question: When to End Ramadan 2024?

Answer: Ramadan month will end on 10th April 2024.

Question: Why Ramadan’s Roja Essential for every Muslim?
Ans: Roja is one of the compulsory pillars of Muslim Ummah. It has been compulsory prayer by the Almighty and the reward of the Siam will come from the own hand of Almighty Allah. So its blessing for us.