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Smart Election Management BD App Download APK & iOS

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Smart Election Management BD App Download APK for Android & iOS For iPhone. Bangladesh Election Commission Secretariat released ‘Smart Election Management BD’ app, which aims to help voters stay updated online. Voters can view their polling station and their address, voter number and polling serial number by providing NID information and date of birth in the designated section of the app.

Smart Election Management BD App Download APK & iOS

The app also contains detailed information about the candidates for the upcoming elections. Full names of all candidates, their personal photos, symbols, affidavits, income tax returns, and details of election expenses and personal assets are available on the app.

In the ‘Information’ section, the app contains information related to the 12th and 11th National Assembly elections. Constituency information is available for every candidate in any designated parliamentary seat. The ‘At a Glance’ sub-section in the ‘Information’ section provides the total number of registered voters, including men, women and transgenders. The ‘Registered Parties’ section of the data provides information on 44 registered political parties in Bangladesh. There is also a ‘Noticeboard’ for additional information.

How to check election results online by Smart Election Management BD APP?

The Election Commission (EC) will update the voting results on the ‘Smart Election Management BD’ app every two hours. Users will be able to view their own constituency results along with all constituencies in the app.

Smart Election Management BD App Download APK & iOS

  • This app enables citizens to access comprehensive election information, including the location of his polling center, voter number and details about all seats in every division of the country. A voter can find the Google location of the designated polling center after entering NID number on the app.
  • “If the results are not sent due to some reason, there may be a discrepancy in the percentage of votes. But we will let you know if possible. We will use BGB, police wireless network there,” he said.
  • By using this app, citizens can get information about voter numbers, polling station names, candidates, party and seat-wise information, as well as various types of information including laws, voter turnout and results.
  • The EC will announce the centre-wise voter turnout rate of the 12th National Parliamentary Election through the app developed by the Election Commission (EC) every two hours, said EC Secretary Md Jahangir Alam.

They will need to put their date of birth and NID number for verification after downloading the app on mobile devices. The EC Secretary in a press conference on Monday said various voting information of the 12th parliamentary elections will be available through the ‘Smart Election Management BD’ app developed by the EC.

Pointing out the information to update the app, he said, “Information about the polling centre is available now. A voter can know his polling centre and where is the location of the polling center.” He said even though central results are available in the app, 20 percent of areas like hilly areas are out of network for these centralized results will not be available.

In this, a voter can easily know the necessary information before going to the center to vote. As in previous years, you will not have to get confused about where to go to which center to vote, and also you will not get into the irony of going to the polling station and looking for the number.

How to Download Smart Election Management BD APK and iOS?

The ‘Smart Election Management BD’ app was officially announced by the Election Commission of Bangladesh on 12 November. The app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app is available in both Bengali and English languages.

Who can use the app?

In Bangladesh, to register as a voter, one must be a citizen, at least 18 years old, mentally healthy and have a clean criminal record. Residence in a particular constituency and compliance with the Special Tribunals Order, 1972 are also important. Understanding these competencies ensures active participation in the democratic process.

Capabilities and user interaction

After launching the app, users need to create an account and log in, providing a phone number and a secure password. The user interface is designed to be intuitive, offering language selection at the start for greater inclusion. The app’s home screen presents users with options like ‘Election Information’ and ‘Election Results’. By entering their date of birth and NID, voters can access personalized information including their voter number, polling station details and list of contesting candidates in their constituency.

Election information and features

Within the ‘Election Information’ section, users find comprehensive details about the election. This includes details of the total number of voters, which is 119,691,633 so far, and 300 available seats. District-specific information about polling stations is also provided, although some of this data is still in the process of being updated. The app aims to provide a precise overview of the election under the ‘at a glance’ feature, including demographic details of voters, registered political parties and the average age of voters.