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Surokkha App Download APK – Corona Vaccine Booster Dose Registration

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If you are looking forward to download the Surokkha App Download APK for Corona Vaccine Registration then you can get it from here. You can easily download the APK file for android mobile phone. You can register for Corona Vaccine via this mobile app organized by Surokkha App APK Download Registration BD Covid-19 Vaccine, Surokkha App Gov BD Corona Vaccine Registration Online Process, Corona Vaccine Registration App Surokkha Download 2023. The registration process and application download link have given below: Let’s check them out.

Surokkha App Download APK – Corona Vaccine Booster Dose Registration 2023

The main responsibility of Surokkha mobile application is registration process of Covid-19 Vaccines. You can easily Download your Surokkha app for vaccine registration on Google Play Store. Go to your mobile phone’s Google Play Store and search by writing ‘Surokkha App’ then you will get the app in search results. Then you can install it easily if you have sufficient storage on phone.

How to Download Surokkha App APK?

It is very easy to download the Surokkha App from Google Store. You can also download or install the Surokkha App from our website below link. The link has attached with the ‘Get IT ON Google Play’ icon below. Let’s press the photo and get the app install on your mobile phone.

Download Surokkha App

How to Register for Corona Booster Dose Vaccine via Surokkha App?

From this post you will know how to register for Covid-19 vaccine in Bangladesh. The government has announced today 29th December that anyone can register for the vaccine (টিকা) if he/she is only 60 years seniors or above citizens. The registration can be done through website of or via Surokkha App. The full process has given below:

Surokkha App Download APK

  • First of all you need to visit the official website at
  • Then You Should enter the Link written by ভ্যাকসিনের জন্য নিবন্ধন করুন
  • After clicking the option you need to select “পরিচয় যাচাই” শ্রেণী বা ধরণ নির্ণয়.
  • Here you can select Nagorik 60 years old or above.
  • Then you need to give your NID card information.
  • After that you have to provide your mobile phone number.
  • Verify your phone number and provide more information what they want.
  • Now gather the Tika card for vaccination.
  • That’s the way to register for Corona Vaccine in Bangladesh.

Note: Complete the registration by verifying your national identity card and mobile number in the form above. Later, the place and date of delivery of the vaccine will let you know through an SMS on the mobile phone.

Download Covid-19 Vaccine card

Clicking on the “Vaccine Card Download” button will bring up the following screen, click on the “Verify” button with national identity card number, date of birth (according to national identity card) and captcha. You can download the vaccine card by clicking the “Download Vaccine Card” button using the OTP code received via SMS to the mobile number provided at the time of registration. If you do not receive OTP on your mobile, click on “Send OTP again” button. Thanks.

Note: Bring Vaccine Card and NID During 1st and 2nd Vaccination

Conclusion Speech

Our government has decided to provide Corona Vaccine for all the people of Bangladesh step by step and they are trying to bring Vaccine for everyone. So if you are 60 years old senior or 60 years old or above general citizen then you should get the vaccine of booster dose.