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UAE Visa Status Check Online with Passport – ICP Smart Services

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UAE Visa Status Check Online with Passport ICP Smart Services. We will show you how to check a Dubai/UAE Visa by passport number directly from UAE Government’s official website at From this official website portal you can easily check your Visa status using your Passport number from your mobile or laptop through internet. So, we are going to discuss how you can easily check your UAE VISA Status icp smart service through online internet. Let’s read this article carefully. ICA Smart Services Visa Validity Check.

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UAE Visa Status Check Online with Passport – ICP Smart Services

Applicants need to fill the simple online application form for United Arab Emirates visa. Based on the visa type, the applicant needs to upload scanned copies of required documents. Moreover, the visa application fee also depends on the specific visa type. Regardless of the type of application visa applicants make, they must provide their email address during the application process. The email address used by the TT service to identify the applicant.

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ICA Smart services UAE Visa Status Check

All you need to do to check the validity of your resident visa is your passport number and passport expiry date. So you’re better off with a photocopy of your passport or a scanned version on your phone. So, before you plan to travel to UAE, make sure to the status of your visa application online by visiting the ICA website and enter the necessary details to ensure that your visa is in order and you can easily travel to UAE.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship provides this service through its website. A resident can enter passport information to check if the visa is still valid and to check if the visa issued is genuine. Residents can cross-check visa validity through this official government website.

How to Check UAE Visa Status with Passport Number?

Applicants with the receipt number and passport number can follow these simple steps to check current visa status via online easily: Here is the step by step guide below:

UAE Visa Status Check Online with Passport - ICP Smart Services

  • Visit first at this website:
  • Step 2: Select the ‘Passport Information’ radio button.
  • Step 3: Select either ‘residency’ or ‘visa’.
  • Step 4: Enter passport number and passport expiry date.
  • Step 5: Enter nationality from the dropdown on the right. A corresponding number will appear on the box on the left.
  • Step 6: Select the captcha check box and click on search. The page will now display your visa details along with date of expiry.

How do you contact the ICP for any inquiries regarding visa issuance, types, and validity?

For any queries regarding visa type, validity and issuance, do not hesitate to contact ICP on toll-free number 600522222 or through their feedback platform – it’s that easy.

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If you live in the UAE, call Amer on their toll-free number 800 5111 to get a Dubai visa. Or if you are not currently residing in the UAE, please dial +9714-313-9999 to get your visa through Mango Services!

UAE Visa Status FAQs

Which website should I visit to check the status of my visa application?

  • To check the visa application status you need to visit

Do I need to upload any documents while applying for visa?

  • Yes, you need to upload the relevant documents when you apply for the visa.

What details do I need to provide to check the status of visa application?

  • You need to provide reference number and application number to check visa application status.

Where can I get reference number and application number?

  • If you submit your visa application to a visa service provider, you can request their reference number and application number.

Is UAE visa the same as Dubai visa?

  • Yes, both UAE visa and Dubai visa are same.