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Alim Result 2022 Marksheet With Number – Online and SMS System

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Do you want to get ALIM Examination Result 2022? Alim Result 2022 Marksheet With Number – Online and SMS System will be published October 2022. Alim Exam Result 2022 with Full Marksheet of Bangladesh Madrasah Board will get from this website Result of Alim 2022 and HSC Result 2022 also can get from our website so easily. There are 11 Education Board available in our Bangladesh alongside Madrasah Education board. আলিম পরিক্ষার ফলাফল ২০২২. Madrasah The Madrasah Education Board is one of the demandable education boards. It has a good reputation for achieving good results over the years.

The Alim, HSC and its equivalent examination result 2022 will publish in October 2022 at 10:30 AM By the education minister Dr. Dipu Moni. Today (Sunday) at the 12:00 PM students can get their results via online and SMS.

Alim Result 2022 Marksheet With Number – Online and SMS System

The full marksheet results with detailed marks of Alim 2022 can find directly from our website. All students can see the results from here. Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board, BMEB is the only board of all madrasas in our country. So its job is so big to control our country. And it is true that Alia Madrasa is still found everywhere in our country. So madrasa education is increasing day by day, that is why the number of madrasas is also increasing day by day. I think it is a positive attitude to educate our nation for our education and our country. So the government should keep an eye on madrasa education and leave so many opportunities for the development of madrasa education. You can get HSC Result Marksheet 2022 results with full marksheet number from here.

Alim Result 2022

After a short syllabus examination of 2021 the result of HSC and Alim will publish in October publishedat 10:30 AM. Students are very eager to get their results. They will collect their results from 12:00 PM throughout the SMS and Online system.

How to Check Alim Result 2022

There are a very few ways to check the Alim education board result 2022. We can find Alim Result in three different ways. Let’s check them below.

Alim Result 2022 Marksheet With Number - Online and SMS System

মার্কস নম্বরসহ ফলাফল দেখতে এখানে ক্লিক করুনঃ (নম্বর সহ ফল দেখতে অবশ্যই রেজিঃ নম্বর দিয়ে সাবমিট করবেন)

  1. From the Ministry of Education Website.
  2. Check Online Result
  3. Web based result publication system With full Marksheet
  4. Check Result.
  5. VIA SMS System (Method).

Alim Result at

  • First Step: First of all, visit the Education board’s official Result website.
  • Two: Select HSC/Alim form the “Examination” area.
  • Three: From the “Year” and “Board” section, Select Exam year and Board.
  • Step Four: Type your Roll number and Reg: No.
  • Five Step is Captcha: Complete the captcha
  • Example: 5+ 9= 14.
  • Last Step: After completing all tasks Press the Submit button.
  • Finally you will find a new tab with your desired Alim result.

Alim Result Marksheet With Number at

We know that, is Web based result publication system of Education ministry of Bangladesh. You can easily get Alim or HSC Equivalent result With full Marksheet. So, now we are talking about the full procedure of checking result from this website

  1. At First, Visit Here>
  2. Enter ‘HSC/ALIM/Equivalent Result‘ Option from the top of the page.
  3. Select Your Examination As ‘HSC/Alim/Equivalent
  4. Choose Your ‘Examination Year 2021
  5. Choose Your Board Name as Madrasah.
  6. Fill your Roll Number.
  7. Fill Your Registration Number (Optional). If you want to see detailed Marks.
  8. Bottom of the page you will get a ‘Security Key’ that you have to complete with the right answer.
  9. After Filling out all the fields, you have press the Get Result Button to find your Alim or Equivalent result of 2022.

How to Check Alim Result 2022 By SMS

The SMS method is one of the easiest methods to find Alim, HSC result in Bangladesh. You need to send a message and for sending the SMS, you need to have charged 2.50 BDT / Per SMS. If you don’t have enough balance then recharge first.

You May Check HSC Result 2022 By SMS.

HSC <space> 1st 3 Letters of Madrasah Board <space> Roll Number <space> Passing Year and send it to 16222.

Example: HSC MAD 334455 2021 and Send to 16222 Number.

Result Summary of Alim 2022

Type of Result: Alim/HSC
Examination Year: 2021
Result Publication Date: 13th February 2022
Board Name: Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board

Grade Point Average GPA System OF Alim Result 2022

Everyone can easily make their GPA points with the grade number of each subject. Okay, let’s have a look at the GPA system. To get marks details number and to find out the GPA of Alim result 2022 follow the table below.

Range of Marks Grade Grade Point
80–100 A+ 5
70–79 A 4
60-69 A- 3.5
50–59 B 3
40–49 C 2
33–39 D 1
0–32 F 0

Importance of Alim Result 2022

Nowadays, The government has given the equal status of general line education into Madrasah Education. That’s why the madrasah education level is improved by the equalization. Its another good sight for Madrasah Education Board. Now the HSC examination is equal of Alim Examination and The HSC examination is also equal of The Alim Examination. After completing Alim And Alim examination successfully a student can apply for higher education to any Public University. So its a great advantage I mean. And it was built to develop, to increase religious knowledge, to establish madrasah education as strongly. And I think the intention of the board is being successful. If you want to get ssc and Alim routine 2022, You can see from here the SSC/Alim Routine 2022. Alim, JDC, Ebtedayee, Fazil and Kamil results also can get from our website.

Alim Scholarship Result 2022

It’s very good news for those brilliant students will make good results in Alim examination of Bangladesh education board, will be rewarded Alim scholarship in 2022. If they can make GPA-5 in Alim exam they can be considered for this stipend program of 2022. If you want to get SSC or Alim Scholarship Result of 2022 then you may check from every education board’s official website and from our website as well.

Click here to Download PDF Alim Scholarship Result 2022.

Madrasah Education in Bangladesh

There are many types of madrasah available in our nation. Such as, Alia Madrasah, Hafejia Madrasah, Nurani Madrasah, Kawmia Madrasah etc. All these madrasah are not directed under the government of Bangladesh. Alim Result With Full Marks Number 2022.

We know the Alia and Kawmia Madrasah is directed under the government of our country. Hafejia, and Nurani Madrasah are not directed under the government of Bangladesh. I think the government doesn’t care and not conscious about these kinds of Madrasah for that reason the government doesn’t help this types madrasah. By the way we have to know about BMEB, that means Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board. We known that The BMEB WAS Established in 1978 by the President of the people’s republic of Bangladesh.

However, we have to know about these all madrasah and then we should go ahead to develop madrasah education in our beautiful Bangladesh. As an Islamic country we need the education of Madrasah. Because it’s education is so important and essential for every Muslim peoples.

Necessity of Madrasah Education

We know the Almighty decided a work for every Muslims men and women as compulsory which is to learn Quran and Hadith and to know about all Islamic necessary activities with rules. To learn Islamic studies you should must read and study into madrasah. Otherwise you couldn’t get complete Islamic studies from others educational institutions. So to get full Islamic studies you should read must in Madrasah.

If you want to be a pious and honest Alim person that means experienced and specialist about in Islamic knowledge then you should read must in Hafejia, Kawmia etc Madrasah. In our Bangladesh Madrasah education is increasing day by day and it’s significance also developing day by day. It is really a good for our country as an Islamic country in the world.

Conclusion Speech

It is really true that in our educational institutions teaches the religion education but I think it is not good enough for our Islam. That’s why we should the Madrasah education to increase in our nation to build up our unity on Islam. We know Islam is the only acceptable religion to the almighty Allah. So at first I can say the madrasah education is essential for our Bangladesh and for every nation who loves Islam and follows the religion.

By the way The activities of Madrasah Education Board is to develop education, to increase education, to spread education, to control all over the examinations by the board, after that so many works and duties exists to the madrasah education board. If you unable to get Alim Result 2022. Then comment below your roll and registration number we will find the result as soon as we can get it.

Alim Re-scrutiny/Board Challenge Result 2022

Alim examine will be able to recall their exam papers after publishing the results from their Madrasah education board if they don’t get satisfactory results. This is called Board challenge or Re-scrutiny process. A student can apply for re-scrutiny application for multiples subjects if he or she wants to apply for Khata Re-check. Each subject application fee is 125 BDT. After publishing the Alim/SSC Board Challenge Result 2022 You may check from our website.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: How Can I Get Alim Result Online?

Ans: To get Alim Result 2022 via online internet you have to visit the Bangladesh education board’s official website at Then submit roll, reg number, board name to get your result.

Question: How to Get Alim Result 2022 By SMS?

Ans: You can easily check your Alim Result 2022 By SMS by sending a short message. Type: Alim <space> 1st 3 Letters of Madrasah Board <space> Roll Number <space> Passing Year and send it to 16222. Example: Alim MAD 232323 2022= 16222.

Question: When Alim Result 2022 will Publish?

Ans: In 2022, Alim, HSC/Equivalent result will be published on 13th February 2022.

Question: How May I Check Alim Result through SMS?

Ans: It’s very easy to check Alim result through SMS. To check it you have a send a simple message (E.G: Alim <space> First Three Letters of Madrasah Board <space> Roll Number <space> Passing Year and send it to 16222. For an Example: ‘Alim MAD 123543 2022′> 16222).

Q: How Can I Find Alim Full Marksheet Detailed Number Result 2022?

Ans: If you want to view full marks detailed number result, you have to visit this link at then you have to provide roll and registration number to get detailed marks number. (Note: Registration number is compulsory to view full marks detailed Alim result).