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BTRC Mobile Phone Registration Online Process 2023 –

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BTRC Mobile Phone Registration Online Process 2023 visit at All the mobile phones in Bangladesh has automatically registered by June 30 as part of a process to block illegal and counterfeit handsets. No new unregistered Mobile Handset/phone will be shut down from now anymore. In this article you can get to know the way to register mobile phone as valid by Bangladesh govt. Illegal mobile phone registration process 2023, BTRC Mobile phone Registration Online Process 2023 visit at Registration process of New abroad phones from India, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, UK, Oman and other countries. How to register unofficial phone in Bangladesh, How to register imei number in Bangladesh.

By June 30, all mobile handsets in the hands of the country’s customers automatically registered. The registration process for new purchased or entered gifted handsets from other countries has began From July 1, 2021. From that day onwards, if any of the handsets to be connected to the network is invalid, the customer will be informed and given a period of three months to register its legality.

BTRC Mobile Phone Registration Online Process 2023 –

The Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) said in a statement on Thursday 30th September 2021 that the process of detecting illegal mobile phones and disconnecting them from the network would begin from October 1, 2022. The company has requested the customer to check when buying a mobile phone.

Good News: Don’t worry about buying unofficial mobile phone because govt said that no new unofficial mobile phones will be stopped anymore. So you can buy unofficial gadgets from now on.

Breaking News>> No Illegal mobile phones will be blocked Anymore 2022

Before purchasing a mobile phone under the National Equipment Identity Register (NEIR) program, the validity should be verified by entering the KYD and 15 digit IMEI number (for example KYD 123456789012345) from the message option of the phone and sending it to 16002. Registration must be done through the website before using the authorized number of mobile phones that can be legally brought, bought or gifted in person from abroad.

How to Register Gifted Mobile Phones from Abroad by BTRC? –

Handsets legally purchased or gifted from abroad will automatically activated in the network after launch in the country. Such customers will get an SMS within ten days to register online with information or documents. Once registered within ten days, the handset will consider ‘valid‘. Otherwise the handset will consider invalid and the customer will informed via SMS.

How to register unofficial phone in Bangladesh?

In their case too, action will take after keeping the handset network on during those three months of testing. To register a handset bought or gifted from abroad, the customer has to open an account by visiting the website

  • Visit to Register:
  • Create an account visiting this link:
  • Go to the ‘Special Registration’ section of his portal and give the IMEI number of the mobile handset.
  • Upload and submit photo / scanned copy of required documents (such as passport visa / immigration information, purchase receipt etc.).
  • The handset will be registered automatically if valid. If not valid, the customer will get a alert SMS and the phone will active and connect to the network during the test period.

BTRC will take further action as per the decision of the government after the trial period. This service can also available with the help of mobile operators customer care center.

How many mobile phones can a customer bring from abroad? BTRC Mobile Phone Registration Online Process 2023 –

According to the current baggage rules, a person can bring a maximum of two handsets from abroad free of charge and six more handsets with charges of Taxes. If you want to bring more handset then you need to deal with the Govt authority as business purpose.

How to Check IMEI Mobile Phones Legal Status?

To check the legal status of a phone, they will first need to type “KYD<space>15 digit IMEI number” and send the message to 16002.

BTRC Mobile Phone Registration Online Process 2023 -

A reply SMS will confirm the legal status of the handset.

How to check mobile phone’s legal status via USSD Codes – BTRC Mobile Phone Registration Online Process 2023?

Using USSD Codes customer can also check their phone’s validity or legal status through the IMEI number. In that case you have to follow few steps below:

Anyone can find out the current status of the mobile handset in his hand.

  1. In this case you have to dial *16171# on the mobile handset.
  2. When the option appears on the screen, you have to select ‘Status Check’.
  3. Then an automatic box will come up, where you have to write and send the 15 digit IMEI number of the mobile handset.
  4. The customer’s mobile will then have an automatic box with ‘yes / no’ option. You have to confirm by selecting ‘yes‘.
  5. The status of the mobile phone or handset used in the return message will inform.

Mobile Legal Status Check Online

The service will also be available at the existing Citizen Portal and Mobile Operator’s Customer Care Center by visiting the web link.

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