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Rate this post 2024 Primary Student Profile Login & Registration from here. If you would like to create Primary Student Profile and sign in, sign up, recover, forgot password then you need to access the official web portal of Through this article, we will discuss how you can easily register a primary student profile account and access it’s features after signing here. So, let’s get started: ipemis dpe gov bd লগইন করুন, login, pesp finance gov bd, e-primary school system, crvs website, প্রাথমিক শিক্ষা অধিদপ্তর, crvs institute login, notice. 2024 Primary Student Profile Login & Registration

Across the vibrant tapestry of Bangladesh’s education landscape, the Primary Student Profile emerges as a crucial initiative. This online platform serves as a comprehensive repository of information for students enrolled in Bangladeshi primary schools. But it’s much more than just a record-keeping system; it’s a window into the future of the nation’s education and its young learners.

Primary Student Profile Login & Registration 2024

At its core, the Primary Student Profile streamlines and centralizes student data management. Gone are the days of paper files scattered across schools. This web-based platform houses a wealth of information, including:

  • Student personal details and academic progress
  • Attendance records and performance assessments
  • Socioeconomic background and scholarship information
  • Vaccination and health data

crvs dpe gov bd 2024 login

You can use a web application or mobile application to create a login system for data entry in a student profiling software. This application can store student information in appropriate database system. 2024 Primary Student Profile Login & Registration

To create a login system you can follow the following steps:

  • Visit first at
  • User Registration: Create a registration form to register students. The form has to be completed with appropriate fields like name, email address, password, organization name etc.
  • Login System: Add a login form to your application. In this form students need to enter email address and password.
  • Login Information Verification: If the student’s email address and password are provided correctly, your server will check that the email address and password match in the database. If the information matches, the student will be logged in. If the information does not match, display the error message and ask the student to re-login to enter the correct information.
  • Display profile information: After login interview success, display students profile page. It may contain student name, institution name, course information etc.
  • Data Correction: Provide a form to update information on students’ profiles. Students can change the information and press the update button to save the information.
  • By following the above steps you can create login system for data entry in student profile creation software. Using these steps students can store and manage complete information.

Or go to DPE webpage ( and click on “Create Student Profile” to login page. Login with your user id and password on that login page.

As User ID and Password Every teacher should use the same User ID and Password as the Mobile Number or Email Address and Password that they have used as User ID while updating their information in IPEMIS.

School Student Profile Registration Login 2024

Now let’s know how to login.

  • 1. First enter any browser from your mobile.
  • 2. Access the following link –
  • Or open the Android application.
  • 3. You can see a page like the image below.

crvs user name

In crvs server you will use mobile number provided in ipemis server as user id or mobile number. If for any reason you see a mistake, take the help of the Assistant Upazila Education Officer.

Crvs dpe gov bd forgot Password

You will use the password provided in ipemis as the password for the crvs server. In this way you can login crvs to create profile of elementary students.

CRVS DPE Gov BD Student Profile Account Benefits

This centralization empowers stakeholders at all levels, from teachers and administrators to policymakers and parents. Teachers can easily track student progress and tailor their teaching methods. Administrators gain valuable insights into school performance and resource allocation. Policymakers can leverage the data to identify trends and target educational interventions where needed. And most importantly, parents can stay informed about their children’s academic journey and access crucial school-related announcements.

The Primary Student Profile goes beyond mere numbers. It paints a holistic picture of each student, not just as academic performers but as individuals with unique experiences and needs. The platform captures information about family dynamics, learning styles, and even disabilities. This data empowers educators to personalize learning experiences and provide targeted support to students who might require it.

The Primary Student Profile isn’t just a snapshot of the present; it’s an investment in the future. By building a comprehensive database of student data, Bangladesh is laying the groundwork for evidence-based education policy and resource allocation. The platform’s potential extends beyond primary education, paving the way for seamless transitions to secondary and higher education levels.

Like any large-scale initiative, the Primary Student Profile faces its share of challenges. Data accuracy and security remain paramount concerns. Ensuring equitable access to technology and internet connectivity across Bangladesh’s diverse landscape is another hurdle. But acknowledging these challenges is the first step towards effective solutions. Ongoing training for educators and administrators, coupled with community outreach programs, can bridge the digital divide and ensure everyone benefits from this valuable platform.

Conclusion Speech

The 2024 Primary Student Profile stands as a beacon of hope for Bangladesh’s education system. It represents a commitment to transparency, efficiency, and most importantly, to the individual potential of each student. By nurturing young minds with personalized learning and informed support, this platform paves the way for a brighter future, not just for students, but for the entire nation.

This article is just a starting point. To learn more about the Primary Student Profile, you can visit the official website or access information through relevant government channels. I hope this provides a comprehensive overview of the Primary Student Profile. If you have any specific questions or want me to delve deeper into any aspect, please feel free to ask!