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Greece Work Permit Visa 2023 – Greece Agriculture Job Visa from Bangladesh

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Greece Work Permit Visa 2023 – Greece Agriculture Job Visa from Bangladesh in 2023 are now open for Bangladeshi citizen. The Parliament of Greece has approved the agreement to hire workers from Bangladesh for 5 years in the agricultural sector. Under this agreement, visas will be given to 15 thousand Bangladeshi workers in the country for five years. Every year 4 thousand workers go to Greece on seasonal work visa.

Notis Mitarachi, Minister of Immigration and Refugee Affairs of the country commented that the fight against illegal immigration will strengthen by passing the Bill of Compromise Agreement with Bangladesh. Greece Agriculture Visa Apply Online 2023, Greece Agriculture visa from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan. Greece Embassy in Bangladesh.

Greece Work Permit Visa 2023 – Greece Agriculture Job Visa from Bangladesh

The minister said in the parliament that our labor market needs 144,000 workers every year. So we will legally bring workers for a fixed period of time by issuing seasonal visas.

He said, according to the agreement, the program will start soon from Bangladesh on the condition of 9 months of work and 3 months of spending in the country. A total of 15,000 agricultural laborers will brought in at the rate of 4,000 per year. These workers will recruit from Bangladesh on seasonal visas for agriculture and animal husbandry.

Greece Work Permit Visa 2023 - Greece Agriculture Job Visa from Bangladesh

The minister said, from now on, the owners of the agricultural sector can apply to bring more workers as per the demand. Every worker can enter Greece with a 5-year visa from the Greece Embassy in New Delhi under a work contract under an employer. But he can only work under the specific owner.

Important Notice of Greece Work Permit Visa 2023 Agriculture

Workers from Bangladesh have to go to Bangladesh for the next 3 months after working for 9 months every year. So that they can be reunited with the family. If someone works for nine months and does not visit the country for the next three months, their visa will not renew for the next year.

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In addition, they cannot go to any other European country even after coming to the Schengen country Greece on this visa. Even in Greece they will not be granted any permanent legal status to stay for life. There is no opportunity for any worker to bring his family from the country in this visa. At the end of 5 years they have to leave Greece. However, there is an opportunity to enter Greece again with a visa under the specific owner, said the notice Mitarachi.


He also told the parliament that the workers coming here will get all other benefits according to the Greece labor law. In addition, 15,000 legal immigrants in Greece will given 5-year visas to legalize under the same law. In this case, illegal immigrants will allow to work as agricultural laborers for nine months a year and will also have the opportunity for three months of compulsory travel to their home country. However, through which process and who will come under this legality, nothing is known in detail yet.

Job opportunities in Agriculture sector in Greece

According to the settlement agreement of last February, the Greek government will grant 4,000 seasonal work visas to Bangladeshis in the agricultural sector every year. The country will provide this visa to a total of 15 thousand Bangladeshis in the next five years According to the agreement, Bangladeshis with seasonal visas will come to Greece with a specific job and will have the opportunity to live and work in Greece for nine months a year.

Every person granted an agricultural visa must return to Bangladesh after nine months, which the Bangladesh government will be responsible for ensuring A person can thus work as a legal immigrant in Greece for nine months a year for a maximum of five years A person working in Greece with this visa for a maximum of five years will not be able to apply for citizenship or permanent residence.

What Notis Mitarachi Said about Greece Agriculture Job Visa from Bangladesh

Minister Notis Mitarachi said, at the moment, the Greece economy needs a large number of manpower. A large number of workers needed, especially in the agricultural sector, domestic work, tourism and construction. Recruitment of human resources must do legally. Care should take to ensure that the human trafficking cycle does not take any opportunity. This MoU with Bangladesh is another big step in the overall context of legal immigration system and will meet the country’s labor crisis needs.

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Greece’s Immigration and Refugee Affairs Minister Notis Mitarachi and Bangladesh’s Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment Minister Imran Ahmed signed a memorandum of understanding in Dhaka on February 9 this year to speed up the process of repatriating irregular Bangladeshis living in Greece and open the door to legal immigration. After various speculations, the compromise agreement between the two countries has finally passed by the Parliament of Greece on Thursday, July 21.

Apart from bringing immigrants, this agreement will play a major role in sending back irregular Bangladeshis living in Greece, Minister Notis Mitarachi said in February this year.

Meanwhile, although the agreement has approved by the parliament, the process by which the workers will appoint has not determined here. But soon the gazette will publish and the recruitment process will decide by the two countries.

It is said that there will be no middleman. The governments of both countries have informed everyone to be careful so that interested persons do not fall into the clutches of brokers or fraudsters.