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How To Remove Illiteracy From Bangladesh

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How To Remove Illiteracy From Bangladesh. Composition on Illiteracy problem in Bangladesh. Today we are going to discuss about illiteracy. We have to remove illiteracy. How To Remove Illiteracy From Bangladesh. Illiteracy is the main problem of our country and it should be eradicated as early as possible. Everybody knows that Bangladesh is an underdeveloped country. It also a small country in the world. You can use this article as paragraph, essay/composition for your English writing side. Illiteracy problem in Bangladesh paragraph. Composition on Illiteracy problem in Bangladesh.

How To Remove Illiteracy From Bangladesh

As it is small country But its population is too much in comparison with her all area. In our country education is too less in comparison with other progressive nations. That because of our country is backwards of development. It is really a negative sight for us. Because a nation cannot to do development without education. To get more paragraph like this visit our website at

Illiteracy Is Curse For A Nation

Illiteracy is the positive word of literacy. Literacy means who are educated and illiterate means who are uneducated. I think which country has majority percent people educated these countries are obviously progressive. That’s why we need to remove illiteracy from our country to develop our motherland Bangladesh. It is true that our nation is going to educate day by day. And her educating percent is increasing year by year it’s really good sight. But till now our education is not sufficient at all.

What Is Essential To Remove Illiteracy

In that way we have to take many good and positive steps to remove illiteracy from our nation and of course we have to be literate person to build our nation as progressive country in the world. We know illiteracy is the main cause of our population problem because illiterate people are not aware and not conscious about the problems of over population. And over population is another cause of illiteracy.

Primary Education Is Must

All the way illiterate people become neglected. So now we can say it undoubtedly illiteracy is a curse for a life and for a nation. And it is pushing our persons to backward in whole sphere of life. To remove illiteracy from our society and nation we should take necessary steps such as night school for elder peoples, more open free school where they can to learn many educating knowledge and primary education.

Composition/Paragraph on Illiteracy problem in Bangladesh

After that we have to inspire every parents to send their children to school and we have to do any help for them. The government should take many positive, useful, helpful and necessary steps for remove illiteracy from our nation and the government have to do compulsory education for all population then we can be educated. After that the illiteracy will be eradicate from our beautiful Bangladesh.