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Independence Day of Bangladesh Paragraph & Essay For JSC, SSC & HSC

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Independence Day of Bangladesh Paragraph & Essay For JSC, SSC & HSC Students in 2024. Are you a student and looking for a paragraph about Bangladesh Independence Day for your class or any competitive exam? Then you are here to have the paragraph and essay. Here you will find Bangladesh Independence Day paragraph and Essay as well. For other information check complete Bangladesh Independence Day History and Bangladesh Independence Day Celebrations. B

Independence Day of Bangladesh 26th March Paragraph & Essay For JSC, SSC & HSC

We have shared two paragraphs of the Independence day of Bangladesh 26 March. Student can write any of these two. The paragraphs and Essay has given below at this article of our website. Please read the paragraph attentively and share it with your friends.

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Paragraph (1)

26th March is our Independence Day. It is our biggest state festival and a public holiday. But the independence of Bangladesh is not achieved overnight. Once this territory had, been a colony of Great Britain for about 190 years. It had again been trapped by the Pakistanis. The Pakistanis had exploited Bangladesh for about 25 years. Bengalees had become crippled economically, physically and mentally by the ill treatment of the Pakistanis. However, we achieved our independence from the despotic and oppressive Pakistani occupation forces through a bloody war of nine months. It was achieved at the cost of a sea of ​​blood, and loss of chastity of our mothers and daughters. Our countrymen had to undergo a tremendously oppressive time during the war.

However, the heroic sons of the soil fought bravely and we ultimately gained freedom making than surrender to us and the Independence Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour across the country.

Independence Day of Bangladesh Paragraph & Essay For JSC, SSC & HSC

The day begins with 31 gunshots. Early in the morning, the President and the. Prime Minister on behalf of the nation offered floral wreath at the National Memorial as a token of love and honor to the martyred heroic sons of the Liberation War. Various social and cultural organizations and almost all the educational institutions arrange different kinds of programs on this day. Our long cherished freedom, achieved at a great price will be a real one only when we will ensure economic and social freedom for all. On this day, we should pledge that we will protect our freedom against all evil powers unitedly at any cost.

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Independence Day of Bangladesh Paragraph (2)

Bangladesh is an independent country. The 26th March is our Independence Day because on this day in 1971 our independence was declared. The war of liberation commenced on 26th march in 1971. On the midnight of March 25,1971 Pakistani army fell upon the innocent people and killed them. On the night of 26th March, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was arrested and was taken to Pakistan. Just before his arrest, he declared the independence of Bangladesh. After that time, We celebrate this day every year with great pleasure and joy with colorful festivity. We celebrated this day with discussion, meeting, seminars, and military parades.

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This day is a public holiday. Our national flag is kept flying on top of every private and public houses and offices, schools, colleges and universities. We offer wreath to the victory monument. Government offices and buildings are well decorated on this day. Many cultural programmes and festivals are held throughout the country. People from every walk of life attend those programmes with great excitement. Bangladesh is our pride. Our independence day is our greatest achievement as a nation.

Independence Day of Bangladesh (26th March) Essay

Fress is the birthright of man. But freedom does not come down on a nation. A nation must rise to achieve it. Bangladesh experienced about 190 long British colonial rule that ended up in 1947. Bangladesh became a province of Pakistan named East Pakistan. However, the deprivation and exploitation of Pakistani rulers created grievances and resentment among the people of East Pakistan. This time they rose for the complete break up with Pakistan and voiced for an Independent nation.

The Most Glorious and the greatest achievement for Bangladesh in the last century has been its birth as an independent nation. Bangladesh won a flag, an identity and occupied a place on the world’s map. Bangladesh became a free and independent nation and stood upright and with dignity and honor among the nations of the world. But Bangladesh had to pay a hefty price for its independence. About 3 million lives have been sacrificed in the war of Independence.

Operation Searchlight

Operation Searchlight was a planned genocide accompanied by the Pakistani army beginning March 25, 1971, through which they tried to suppress the Bengali nationalist demonstration that took place in March 1971 and earlier. This genocide has directed by the order of the West Pakistani ruler, which was followed by Operation Blitz in November of 1970. The real purpose of the operation was to capture all significant cities between March 26 and eliminate political and military opponents within a month.

Declaration of Independence

On 7th March 1971, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman while addressing a huge crowd in the historic racecourse ground. He declared that the struggle of this time is struggling for freedom. The struggle of this time is struggling for independence. On 26 Major Ziaur Rahman, an officer in the Pakistan army declared the independence of Bangladesh. On behalf of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman from Kalurghat Radio center. From then, students, farmers, laborers, all and sundry joined the liberation war and after taking guerilla training fought with the Pakistan occupation forces. Colonel M.A.G Osmani made the Chief commander of liberation forces and the country divided into eleven sectors under eleven army officers to conduct the war.