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Qatar Ramadan Calendar 2024 PDF – Doha Ramadan Timetable 2024 Sehri & Iftar Time

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Qatar Ramadan Calendar 2024 PDF – Doha Ramadan Timetable 2024 Today Sehri & Iftar Time are available at our website. If you are living in Qatar, you need to know the accurate Ramadan Timetable 2024 for Qatar, Doha. We are providing the accurate Ramadan Sehri and Iftar timings which is called Ramadan Calendar. So, let’s go for the Ramadan timings for Qatar. People may also look forward to get Ramadan 2024 qatar calendar pdf, Ramadan time table 2024, Ramadan 2024 Qatar prayer time, Eid 2024 Qatar, Ramadan in Qatar 2024, Sehri time in Qatar today 2024. Iftar time in Qatar today 2024, Ramadan 2024 Qatar Calendar PDF Download.

Qatar Ramadan Calendar 2024 PDF – Doha Ramadan Timetable 2024 Sehri & Iftar Time

Qatar announced Monday, March 11 as the first day of the holy month of Mahe Ramadan. So, the fast will start from Monday 11 March 2024. Moon sighting committees announced that the crescent moon, which signals the start of a month in the Islamic Hijri calendar, was not sighted on Saturday (March 09) night. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is a time for Muslims to think, pray, fast and give up worldly pleasures. They wake up early in the morning for Sehri and abstain from food and drink until sunset. We will publish here the most accurate Ramadan Calendar 2024 with Sehri and Iftar time for Qatar.

Sehri & Iftar Time Today in Qatar 2024

Sehri time in Doha during Ramadan 2024 is estimated to be around 04:16 am and Iftar time is estimated to be around 5:47 pm. These timings are based on the calculation method used by the Fiqa Hanafi, which has followed by the majority of Sunni Muslims in Qatar. Iftar, a meal consisting of various delicacies, is eaten after breaking the fast with dates and water. Ramadan is a time for community, with friends and family coming together to observe the fast. It is a significant month for Muslims around the world, marked by hope and spiritual growth.

Ramadan Starts in Qatar11th March 2024
End of Ramadan9th April 2024
Eid al Fitr in Qatar10th April 2024

Download Ramadan Calendar 2024 Doha

Doha, Qatar Ramadan Calendar 2024 will always show Sehr-o-Iftar time in Doha, Qatar every day during Ramadan while Qatar sunset and sunrise changes due to the movement of the World throughout the year. Before Ramadan Kareem (رمضان كريم) begins, everyone is always in a hurry to know the timing of fasting in this holy month of Ramadan Kareem.

Here is the time table of Mahe Ramadan 2024 for Doha, Qatar.
104:28 AM5:42 PM11 Mar 2024
204:27 AM5:43 PM12 Mar 2024
304:26 AM5:43 PM13 Mar 2024
404:25 AM5:43 PM14 Mar 2024
504:24 AM5:44 PM15 Mar 2024
604:23 AM5:44 PM16 Mar 2024
704:21 AM5:45 PM17 Mar 2024
804:20 AM5:45 PM18 Mar 2024
904:19 AM5:46 PM19 Mar 2024
1004:18 AM5:46 PM20 Mar 2024
1104:17 AM5:47 PM21 Mar 2024
1204:16 AM5:47 PM22 Mar 2024
1304:15 AM5:48 PM23 Mar 2024
1404:14 AM5:48 PM24 Mar 2024
1504:13 AM5:48 PM25 Mar 2024
1604:12 AM5:49 PM26 Mar 2024
1704:10 AM5:49 PM27 Mar 2024
1804:09 AM5:50 PM28 Mar 2024
1904:08 AM5:50 PM29 Mar 2024
2004:07 AM5:51 PM30 Mar 2024
2104:06 AM5:51 PM31 Mar 2024
2204:05 AM5:52 PM01 Apr 2024
2304:04 AM5:52 PM02 Apr 2024
2404:02 AM5:52 PM03 Apr 2024
2504:01 AM5:53 PM04 Apr 2024
2604:00 AM5:53 PM05 Apr 2024
2703:59 AM5:54 PM06 Apr 2024
2803:58 AM5:54 PM07 Apr 2024
2903:57 AM5:55 PM08 Apr 2024
3003:56 AM5:55 PM09 Apr 2024

This is Qatar Doha Ramadan Timings 2024.

Ramadan 2024 Qatar Calendar PDF Download

Qatar Ramadan Calendar 2024

Doha Ramadan Prayer Timetable 2024

Muslims living in Doha, Al Rayyan, Al Wakrah and other cities start observing Ramadan according to Qatar’s sehri time or iftar time. The start date of Ramadan in Qatar is one of the main factors that holds a lot of significance for them. Below is the complete schedule of Ramadan 2024 in Qatar.

Ramadan In Qatar 2024

In Qatar, the Moon Sighting Committee in the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf) declares the start and end of the holy month. Generally, Qataris are still keen to revive the age-old Ramadan traditions and customs they have inherited from their ancestors. This is embodied and manifested in various practices, but none more so than in the keenness to prepare local traditional foods. 

Final Words

Now you have the complete and accurate Doha Ramadan Calendar and the Timetable for the year 2024. Further, you have access to the Sehr-o-Iftar for today in Doha, March, 2024. We have tried to give our best efforts in managing the Ramadan calendar for Doha city and Doha Roza timing 2024 for your convenience. Now you can download Ramadan Timing 2024 for all sects living in Qatar. If you have any question or query about the Ramadan Calendar of Qatar please inform us via comment below.

When is Ramadan starting in Doha?

The first Roza is going to celebrate on March 11, 2024.

What is Ramadan Sehri and Iftar Time in Doha?

The Sehri time is 04:18 AM, and the Iftar time is 05:42 PM in Doha.

Do you know the exact starting time of Sehri in Doha?

The exact time for starting sehri is 02:11 AM in Doha.

What is the end time for Sehri in Doha?

The exact closing time for sehri in Doha is 04:18 AM.

When is Eid al Fitr in Qatar 2024?

The Eid-ul-Fitr will celebrate in Qatar on 10th April 2024.