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LPG Gas Price in Bangladesh 2024 – Home Stoves, CNG Gas Price Bangladesh Today

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Gas Price in Bangladesh 2024 – CNG, LPG, Home Burner, Stoves, Residential Gas Price in Bangladesh today. In this article you will get to know 12 KG gas Cylinder price in Bangladesh 2024, Titas Gas Price in Bangladesh April 2024, 12 kg gas cylinder price 2024, Omera lpg gas price in Bangladesh 2024, 12 kg lpg gas price in Bangladesh, LPG gas price in Bangladesh today, LPG gas price April 2024, Bashundhara lpg gas price, LPG gas price April 2024, 30 kg gas cylinder price, Home stoves line gas price. According to the UNB, the average gas price for the country’s retail customers has been increased by 22.78 percent since Monday.

Mohammad Abu Farooq, acting chairman of the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC), announced the price hike through a virtual briefing on Sunday. According to the announcement, the average gas price has been increased from the current Tk 9.70 per cubic meter (CM) to tk 21.91 per cubic meter.

Fuel Oil Price in Bangladesh Today 2024

LPG Gas Price in Bangladesh 2024

Bangladesh has raised the retail prices of liquefied petroleum gas for April by 21.57 percent to Tk 123.52 per kg, in addition to a gas price hike, threatening to fuel inflationary pressure. The price of a 12kg cylinder, commonly used for cooking, accordingly rose to Tk 1140, up from Tk 1,498 last month.

12 KG LPG Gas Price Today in Bangladesh 2024

The price of a 12 kg cylinder, mostly used for cooking, has been increased a little bit, Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission said on Thursday. The BERC, the energy regulator, has fixed the retail price of  LPG at 123.52 per kg.

For April 04, BERC set per kg LPG price at Tk 123.52.

Recent LPG Gas Price, April 04

The price of a 12kg Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinder has been raised by Tk 141 to Tk 1,482 at the retail level.

Cylinder SizePrice (Tk)




Tk 1,482























12KG LPG GAS Price1,482 TK
1KG LPG GAS Price123.52 tk

Current Home Stoves/Burner Gas Price 2024

Single Burner Stoves Gas Price1140 TK
Double Burner Stoves Gas Price1080 TK

The highest increase was made in the household consumers as they have to pay Tk 18 per Cubic metre (42.86 per cent rise) instead of existing Tk 12.60 per cubic metre (CM).

LPG Gas Price in Bangladesh 2023 - Home Stoves, CNG Gas Price Bangladesh Today

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Commercial Consumers, Industries, CNG Consumers Gas Price Hike

The newly declared rate will be in effect from 6:00 pm, Sunday April 04. The rate of 12-kg cylinder of LPG for the month of March has been fixed at Tk 1,482, which was Tk 1,474 in February. The 12-kg cylinders of LPG are mostly used in households. According to the BERC, the price of LPG provided by the private companies, including the value added tax, has been fixed at Tk 123.52 per kg, which was Tk 122.86 last month. The price of different sizes of LPG cylinders will be fixed as per this.

The price of LPG gas provided by government companies has been raised to Tk 690 from Tk 591. Meanwhile, the price of LPG used for cars (auto gas) has been fixed at Tk 68.05, which was Tk 67.68 before.

CNG, LPG, Home Burner Gas Price Bangladesh

CNG Gas price has not increased at this time. All consumers except CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) users have to pay higher price for natural gas. The prices of small scale industries, however, have come down a bit. The new price hike came in response to the demands of different gas utility companies.

The price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the private sector has come down at the consumer level in the country. The price of 12 kg cylinder has been reduced from Tk 1256 to Tk 1498. Price has come down to Tk 35 per cylinder. The new price is effective from 6 pm on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the price of auto gas used in cars has fixed at Tk 58.46 per liter. However, the price of 12 kg cylinder has not changed at the government level, so it is 591 Tk.